Who are we?

Innovaciones Físicas y Químicas Sostenibles

InFiQuS, Innovaciones Físicas y Químicas Sostenibles,S.L. (Sustainable Physical-Chemical Innovation, Limited) is a spin-off company created within the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) by Dr. Angeles Heras Caballero. Her team is made up of professionals from the areas of Chemistry, Biology and Pharmacy.

This group carries out research to obtain potentially high-value by-products to develop functional ingredients aimed at applications in food, pharmacy and cosmetics. The raw materials usually employed are waste industrial products from shellfish farms, breweries, oil mills and agroindustries.

Chitin and chitosan are natural biopolymers obtained from crustaceans shells, plentiful in nature and presently enjoying a wide range of applications in agriculture, food, biomedicine, pharmacy, cosmetics, bioremediation, etc.

Dr. Heras, the company´s promoter, has a long experience in developing new products derived from these biopolymers, and for the functional characterization of those already available on the market. She is also an expert in advising companies on request, as well as research groups, administrations and individuals.

Oue team

InFiQuS is made up of highly experienced professionals with diverse academic backgrounds in such areas as chemistry, pharmacy, food science and technology, biology.